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Baomic BM-5 V2
Saxophone Professional wireless microphone

(᫡⿹ wireless / wireless
Ѻ᫡⿹) wireless sax baomic ᫡⿹ ᫡⿹
Brand : Baomic
Model :   BM-5 V2
ѺСѹ : 1
Ҥ wireless Saxophone Baomic BM-5 V2


Product  Description



Using UHF 460-990 MHz band to avert interferencing frequency.
Automatic frequency scan feature searches for available frequencies
PLL system. Preset 16 non-interfered channels.
The receiver support DC power supply and AA batteries.
ALL using SMT, more stable function.
High efficiency batteries consumption design, so the handheld could
be in using for 5 hours continuously.
Long est distance: 60m, Ideal distance: 40m.
It is suitable for Erhu, Violin, Saxophone usage.
Receiving Frequencies: 460MHz-990MHz
Modulation Type: F3E
OSC (Oscillator) System: PLL circuit
Operating Distance: 40m (receiver in sight)
De-dmphasis: 50u/sec
Receiving Sensitivity: Sina> 30dB 10dBuV
Squelch Sensitivity: 17dBuV +4 dBuV
Signal / Noise Ratio: (flKHz = lmV) <0.8%
Audio Output Level: (f40KHz) 400Mv
Audio Frequency Response: 50Hz-20KHz +3 dB
THD: (flKHz) <0.8%
Output Impedance: 5K-10K ohms
Power: DC9V/6V AA (1.5Vx2 Battery)
Current Consumption: 9V/60mA 3V/100mA
Dual l/4wave length rod antennas Antenna: Dual l/4wave length rod antennas
Controls: Audio level volume channel select switch, ACT key
Controls: ACT SEND (white), Power (red)
Low power (orange), single (green)
RF Output Power: 10dB ? 1dB
Modulation: 40K
Pre-emphasis: 50usec
Maximum Input Level: +2 dBV
Input Impedance: 20K ohms
THD: <0.8% (1KHz 100mV)
Audio Frequency Response: 50Hz-20KHz +3 dB
Operating Power Voltage: 1.5V Tpical 1.0V Minimum 2V MAX
Current Consumption: 80mA
Battery Life: 8 Hours (AAA Side battery)
Antenna: Permanently attached 11 4 wave length wire
Controls: Power Switch, 15dB Pad Switch
Indicators: Power On (LED Flash)
Low Battery (LED On when battery less than 1V)
ACT (LET Flash)