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Ricor Plasticover Alto Saxophone Reeds

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Rico ͧᴧ
Ricor Plasticover Alto Saxophone Reeds ลิ้นอัลโตแซก Rico กล่องแดง
Ricor Plasticover Alto Saxophone Reeds ᫡ Rico ͧᴧ

Brand : Rico

Model : Plasticover

Size :   Alto

Ҥ : 690
Product Description
plastiCOVER Alto Saxophone Reeds
蹾ʵԤѿᵹ촤ѷ ͺʵԡ ѹҾҡ ⷹ§
״ءҹ ѡлͺҷ Եͧѡ÷ѹ դ
͡ 1.0 ֧ 4.0
Plasticover reeds feature the standard Rico cut with a plastic coating,
which resists moisture and remains stable in varying weather
conditions. This coating results in a bright, projecting tone and offers
greater durability and lifespan. Plasticover is a favorite among jazz and
pop musicians and also works well in outdoor settings. Ricos updated
reed-making machinery and state-of-the-art process have made todays
Plasticover reed more consistent than ever before.
Coated with plastic to resist changes in moisture and climate
Color video inspection sorts cane quality
Optical laser measurements ensure accuracy
Offered in boxes of 5
Available in half strengths, from 1.0 to 4.0