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᫡⿹ MK007
Pearl River  Saxophone
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Bajaao India presents the Pearl River MK007 Alto Saxophone.The MK007 Alto Saxophone is the perfect combination of looks, sound, features, and value. Large, hand-spun bell flare creates big, bold sound. Beautiful hand engraving, sculptured metal thumb hook, and a gorgeous artistic design makes this alto sax a treat for the eyes as well as the ears. Includes a yellow brass neck for focused, smooth sound. The neck is matched and fitted to each individual instrument. Lacquered yellow brass cap and ligature come standard, as well as a hard rubber #5 facing mouthpiece. An amazing value with all the features and quality that professional players demand.
- Large, hand-spun bell flare for big, bold sound
- Sculptured metal thumb hookI
- Neckis matched and fitted to individual instrument
- Lacquered yellow brass cap and ligature
- Hard rubber #5 facing mouthpiece

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ʹ㨵Դ 099-254-2424 سԤ 099-249-5151 س