Yamaha YFL-372 Intermediate & Student Flute

Made in : Indonesia By Japan
ѺСѹ : 1
Ҥ Flute
Flute Yamaha
Ҥ 41,250

099-254-2424 سԤ 099-249-5151 س


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New model of the popular YFL371
9.25% solid headjoint
Silver-plated body and mechanism
Open holes
Offset G key
Split E mechanism
C footjoint
French-style pointed key-arms
Includes case, case cover, cleaning accessories and a set of plugs

Manufacturer's Description

A lip plate designed to guide beginners toward proper breath utilization, keys with carefully considered dimensions and angles for optimum balance and easy playability. These and other details are some of the reasons why Yamaha student and intermediate flutes have become bestsellers worldwide. An inimitable blend of leading technology and craftsmanship goes into each and every instrument. New refinements include pointed key arms contributing to elegant visual appeal, and a completely revised key parts manufacturing process that significantly enhances overall precision.

Our Description

The new YFL-372 supercedes the popular Yamaha YFL-371 model, and is absolutely ideal for the step-up player. The added split E mechanism makes top E easier to play, and the solid silver headjoint makes for a warm, rich sound. With excellent build quality and easy sound production, this flute is reliable and well-made, and most importantly, friendly to play on.